Reunion: A New Vision for Leadership and Belonging by Jerry Colonna.

Reunion: Transforming Leadership for a World of Belonging

In Reunion, Jerry Colonna embarks on a mission to redefine leadership in a deeply divided world. Drawing from his vast experience as an executive coach and co-founder of, Colonna presents a compelling argument for creating inclusive environments where everyone feels they belong​​​​.

This book is not just about leadership; it guides personal and collective transformation to foster a sense of belonging in our workplaces and communities​​.

Ten Key Points from “Reunion”

  1. Leadership is about creating belonging: Colonna emphasizes the importance of leaders making their teams feel recognized and valued.
  2. Radical self-inquiry is crucial: Understanding oneself profoundly is the first step toward becoming a more inclusive leader.
  3. Systemic belonging starts with us: Leaders must address their complicity in systems of oppression to foster true belonging.
  4. Toxic leadership can be overcome: Leaders can avoid perpetuating harmful behaviors by confronting and healing from personal and collective traumas.
  5. A journey of reunification: The book guides readers through reconciling with disowned parts of themselves and society.
  6. Challenging conventional leadership: Colonna invites leaders to rethink what success and value mean in today’s world.
  7. Embracing Vulnerability and Courage: Sharing personal stories and insights, the book demonstrates the power of vulnerability in leadership.
  8. Practical steps for change: While some critiques suggest a lack of detailed guidance, the book offers a philosophical framework for creating inclusive cultures​​.
  9. Inclusion extends beyond interpersonal relationships: It involves reimagining businesses as collectives where everyone thrives.
  10. A call to action for all: “Reunion” is not just for executives but for anyone interested in contributing to a world where everyone belongs.

Why “Reunion” Matters

Jerry Colonna’s Reunion arrives at a critical moment, offering a path forward for leaders and individuals to contribute to a more inclusive and connected world. It reflects the pandemic’s lessons and responds to the ongoing challenges of discrimination, othering, and systemic injustice​​.

Engage with “Reunion”

“Reunion” is a thought-provoking exploration of what it means to lead with empathy, integrity, and a commitment to creating spaces where everyone feels they belong. Jerry Colonna invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation that promises to change how we lead, live, and connect with one another​​​​.

For those looking to deepen their understanding of inclusive leadership and the power of belonging, “Reunion” is an essential read to join the movement toward creating a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Reunion challenges us to reimagine leadership in a way that centers on humanity, connection, and the fundamental need for belonging. Through the lens of radical self-inquiry, Jerry Colonna provides a roadmap for personal and organizational transformation that is both visionary and actionable. This book is a beacon for those looking to lead with compassion and create a world where everyone has a place.

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