You’re Stronger Than You Think: Gary W. Lewandowski Jr.

You’re Stronger Than You Think: 10 Blind Spots That Undermine Your Relationship…and How to See Past Them

An introduction to Stronger Than You Think

Stronger Than You Think by Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. sheds light on the ten myths that often sabotage love lives, offering practical, science-backed tools to unveil a relationship’s hidden strengths.

This book is a beacon for anyone looking to fortify their bond, providing a fresh perspective on love and how to cherish it genuinely.

Stronger Than You Think – Summary

  • Chapter 1: Debunks common misconceptions about relationships, urging a reevaluation of what we think we know.
  • Chapter 2: Challenges the stereotype that men and women are inherently different in how they love.
  • Chapter 3: Questions the ideal of effortless, perfect love, promoting a more realistic view.
  • Chapters 4-11: Further explore myths ranging from the necessity of physical attractiveness to the importance of sex frequency, the role of selfishness, the ideal of closeness, and the perceived negatives of arguments and breakups.

This enlightening guide emphasizes the unexpected truths about relationships, such as the value of struggles and recognizing unseen partner support, ultimately guiding readers toward a healthier appreciation of their bonds​​​​.

What I liked about Stronger Than You Think

Lewandowski’s use of engaging stories and impactful examples, grounded in the latest science, provides refreshing insights into romantic relationships.

The book’s approach to debunking relationship myths with facts and research makes it enlightening, offering new perspectives on love and partnership.

Why I think you will like this book

If you’re intrigued by the psychology of love and relationships, Stronger Than You Think offers an accessible blend of scientific insights and practical advice.

Its debunking common myths with unexpected truths provides a roadmap to appreciating and improving your relationship, making it a must-read for those seeking to deepen their connection with a partner.


Stronger Than You Think is a game-changer in relationship literature, offering profound insights with the power to transform your understanding of love and partnership.

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